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Manual load shelves, picking
Industrial metal shelving systems designed for storing individual boxes or single products. Ideal system for goods that are stored and retrieved manually.
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Custom storage
Apersa has years of experience in adapting installations to specific storage needs.
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Automatic pallet warehouses
The stacker crane is an ideal solution for managing and optimizing product storage and ensuring sequencing.
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Automatic box warehouses (mini-load)
This storage system (Mini-load AS/RS) provides fast and efficient storage and retrieval of containers, trays, boxes, etc.
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Other Systems
Specialized storage solutions that allow us to adapt to the requirements of the goods to be stored according to their volume, shape or weight.
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Control and management of warehouses anytime and anywhere.
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Manual handling and picking

Shelving for light loads boltless

Versatile, easy assembly, and great adaptability to all kinds of needs.

Boltless light load shelving is characterized mainly by its versatility, easy assembly, and great adaptability to all types of installations, both professional and domestic. The joining system is made by fitting the load levels and profiles together. They are designed for the manual storage of light loads.

Main advantages
  • These are very versatile shelves, easy to install, and do not require special tools for assembly.
  • Economical shelving that can be adapted for both domestic use and more professional environments, depending on the loads.
  • Offer high resistance.
  • Can be configured with different types of levels/floors (chipboard, metal panels, mesh).
  • Available in a wide range of sizes.
  • Can be configured to form work tables and benches.
  • Shelving for storing all types of light, medium, or heavy-weight products.
  • Shelves for picking or order preparation.
  • As a product display in stores.
  • Vertical storage for sorting documents or similar.

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