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Manual load shelves, picking
Industrial metal shelving systems designed for storing individual boxes or single products. Ideal system for goods that are stored and retrieved manually.
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Custom storage
Apersa has years of experience in adapting installations to specific storage needs.
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Automatic pallet warehouses
The stacker crane is an ideal solution for managing and optimizing product storage and ensuring sequencing.
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Automatic box warehouses (mini-load)
This storage system (Mini-load AS/RS) provides fast and efficient storage and retrieval of containers, trays, boxes, etc.
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Other Systems
Specialized storage solutions that allow us to adapt to the requirements of the goods to be stored according to their volume, shape or weight.
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Control and management of warehouses anytime and anywhere.
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Our mission is to always provide the best solution to our clients, anticipate their needs, and gain their complete trust to undertake their current and future storage projects. Our goal is to create products and solutions that enable measurable efficiencies in various supply chains, allowing our clients to gain competitive advantages that generate value in their respective sectors.

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